Sunday, February 23, 2014

News Rubble

A story about the, er, spot of local difficulty on Facebook has finally appeared in the Observer. Click here to read that. Plus, of course, there's more background on our local flying doctor's blog here.

I should also have alerted readers yesterday to the fact that there is a series of concerts happening at St Augustine's Church here in the Millionaires' Playground, to celebrate Pugin's birthday, the first of which was, um, last night. No matter, there are two more coming up in March. The poster for the concerts is below.

That has also been mentioned on Simon Moores' blog, so really, just pop over there and you should be alright. He's much more sober than me - especially at the weekend - and therefore generally less prone to dropping a bollock. You really wouldn't want to be sitting in a teeny-tiny plane with the likes of me piloting it. Oh no. No siree.


Anonymous said...

Last night's concert was superb, excellent singing and an historical contextualisation, all by candlelight! Even the secular were moved!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I find myself singularly unmoved by Councillor Moores's latest breast-beating. I have taken no interest in the "story" he is now re-telling, and know none of the facts. What I do find amusing is his latest attention seeking, with him now almost begging the national media to visit his blog and look at how unjustly he feels he has been treated.

How sad - but at the same time laughable.

Anonymous said...

Your earlier Anon touches on something far more important - the concert.

Anonymous said...

Moores is acting like a 12 year old, ironic considering how he likes to go on about Will and Jodi's youthfullness!

Anonymous said...

"Even the secular were moved". An image of brawny catholic bouncers springs to mind.

"Secular twat, out!"

"But I am loving the music man"

"You can't love the sounds properly unless you love God !"

"I know a man who thinks he's God. Big piece in the Observer about his blog by the way"

Anonymous said...

I can commend the concert by the Thames Chamber Choir on 15th March. I used to sing with them in London .. they were excellent. Now I've left them, they're even better!

Richard Eastcliff said...

Please note - I am not publishing comments about gun ranges, generators, Cllr Moores' previous alleged army activities and academic qualifications, pollution, or any of the other stuff from the usual suspects on this thread. They are off-topic and as such I regard them as spam.

I am, however, keeping them, as they may come in handy some day!

Anonymous said...

if you keeping them add this one to the list

Anonymous said...

I was just reading the Daily Wail. Kent Police response was to the effect their inquiry is not finished and a decision whether or not to prosecute has not yet been made ?

I would beg to differ about the relevance of gun ranges though. In response to FOI last year TDC clarified that cllrs would be expected to make a declaration of interest to any council process considering gun range matters.

There then arose a Standards Process, against Simon Moores, to which no declaration of interest was made.

That process revealed that TDC has no policy for compliance with statutory duties to report at law.

This was reported to the QCs who monitor Terrorism Law.

But so also was reported Ann Barnes the PCC .......... who is also subject of statutory duties to report knowledge.

I do not depart from the view that is extremely relevant.

Do keep this one as well Richard

Richard Eastcliff said...

That's kind of a bit more on track, so I've allowed it through.

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of stuff TDC 'loses'. For example, they delete emails after 6 months apparently, as a matter of policy. How they can be upholding even their basic statutory duties?

The 2002 audit report on the Pleasurama (up til then) debacle made the same point. It seems more than a decade on things haven't changed.

Or perhaps it suits them to have selective, or even blanket, memory loss?

John Holyer said...


You say that TDC delete all their emails after 6 months. This surprises me. Surely they do not treat all emails as ephemeral. I would have thought they had a proper weeding process. Some of the emails must be a matter of public record and by law will eventually find a permanent home at Kew. Maybe they make hard copies for this purpose.

Anonymous said...

RE 3.00pm
The fact is that TDC's records on anything are a shambles, that is if they ever created proper records in the first place.
Their senior executives take on responsibility for so many areas of "service" to justify their massive salaries when they actually have no relevant experience or competence for any of them and so they don't actually do anything they would feel comfortable to record. Simple isn't it, no records equals no evidence equals no blame. So the pay grade reflects the theoretical responsibility, when the reality is bin bag of incompetence and administrative collapse that cannot be pinned on anyone, because the inept politicians won't grasp the snake by the head, and you keep paying.

Anonymous said...

Looking around at the febrile debate and wailing that is under way on some other local blogs, I find myself thinking of the legend of Icarus. I wonder why.

Anonymous said...

In 1996 the Cullen Inquiry reported on the Dunblane shooting tragedy.

In October 1996 Home Secretary Michael Howard announced that a hand gun ban would be introduced.

At that point firearms certificates for handgun possession were in issue to 0.1% of the population.

Meaning that a random intruder had a one in one thousand chance of hitting a householder who had handguns legally.

To make two such hits in close succession at random is a square of the odds to one in a million.

In November 1996 (WOT just weeks after the handgun ban is announced mmmm) and February 1997 Anthony Swindells (Up for murder parole final hearing this month) managed to hit the million to one jackpot. Homes of Ken Speakman and Roger Andrews.

If you reject the million to one shot Kent Police explanation to Parole Board (as do I) you might think the handgun holders were targetted for their guns. Perhaps by having details of membership of 6th Thanet Gun Range.

Yes the range just across the way from where Mr Andrews lives.

If you are struggling to understand a relevance to Simon Moores. He implied on his blog that he has first hand knowledge about range activity.

On that basis he could join me in sending a submission to the Parole Board. But in spite of his blog rhetoric Simon had to admit he actually knows nothing about the range !

Similarly he has no knowledge of Kent PCC and Police reasons for placing him and two others under caution.

He just weeps at the cheek of the law extending its jurisdiction to him.

He makes himself a figure of fun.

Then blames others for his embarrassment.