Sunday, February 26, 2006

Fobbed Off

As someone who is at the forefront of promoting Ramsgate's new-found designation as the Millionaires' Playground, it once again falls upon me to berate the local media for their woeful lack of current news.

As I glance through this week's 'Adscene' before consigning it to its rightful place at the bottom of the kitty litter tray, I read:

1. A follow-up to the story about the Thanet man who wants to acquire the world's largest collection of key fobs (he now has a mind-boggling 969),

2. An advertisement for Christmas 2005 dinner dances at a local 'venue'.

One can only assume that these local 'news' papers must be run for the sole purpose of providing the many fish and chip vendors in the area with something to wrap their produce in.

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