Sunday, February 19, 2006

Double Standards

Ramsgate in general, and the East Cliff in particular, are now looking the very epitome of a place where one could, at any moment, bump into the likes of Bill Gates, the Duke of Westminster, or one of those Swedish fellows who made a fortune out of ready meals.

This is thanks, in no small measure, to the heroic car crushing and rubbish removing efforts of our local councillor Dave Green.

Alas, however, his plan to replace the ghastly old lamp posts with gold-plated Victorian models has met with a hitch. It seems that the responsibility for this work has been contracted to the French company EDF, who, in a typically double-crossing Gallic plot to prevent Ramsgate from acquiring the same cache and appeal as Cannes or Deauville, have erected the new lamp standards, yet abandoned the old ones in situ beside them.

The result is the whole esplanade now looks like an advert for some shoddy lighting warehouse in Penge.

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