Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Earner Burner

Flaming heck! It seems that our beloved council has just spent £1.5m on revamping Margate Crematorium, according to their latest press release. Unusually for The Duffers it was brought in on time and under budget.

Among the improvements are a back-up generator, new electric coffin trolleys, new CCTV, a new staff canteen and a new cold store facility (let's hope there's a degree of separation between the latter two). They've also managed to cut emissions by 100%. Hurrah!

But tucked away in the small print is this little gem: 'Installation of heat exchanger to run heating from excess heat from filtration equipment which will massively reduce utilities cost.'

Which means, ladies and gentlemen, that when your beloved Aunt Doris goes up in smoke, she'll be helping to pay TDC's utility bills! 

Hmmm. I wonder if they'll offer a discount for bulk? My Uncle Gerald's really not very well at the moment, and he's an enormous fat bastard. He should help keep the heating on for at least a couple of days. And luckily the refit includes 'the ability to cremate larger bariatric coffins'!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to take part in the RTC survey on priorities for Ramsgate! You have until midnight tonight (Tuesday 30 April). Copy and paste this link:


Anonymous said...

I don't mind them spending £1.5 million on it if they can show that this money will be recouped; say, over the next five years. Everyone who plans to get fried has to take out a small mortgage or an insurance policy to pay the costs. How much is the crem. making each year?

Anonymous said...

The Town Plan Survey has be on the go for about 3 years now. Almost nobody replies- it's rather a foolish questionnaire - and the coucnillors and clerks have no idea themselves.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of things going up in flames, a sudden Finance meeting tonight (Wednesday) followed by a strange again sudden Extraordinary Council meeting- held in secret under a 1960's council law.

Looks like signing off the corruption accounts and who knows with the EGM? The Police need to review the signatories.

The last gasp of Ramsgate Labour to cook the books and coverup.