Thursday, March 07, 2013

East Kent Bids For City Of Culture 2017

by Isle of Thanet Gazunder Arts Correspondent Jenny Tals

Culture vultures across the isle are celebrating the news that East Kent has thrown its hat into the ring to become UK City of Culture 2017!

The bid will see East Kent competing against the likes of Aberdeen, Chester, Hastings and Bexhill, Hull, Leicester, Plymouth, Portsmouth and Southampton, Swansea Bay, Sarfend, London, Paris and New York! (Er, those last two aren't in the UK - Ed.)

East Kent Head of Arts and Culture Mary Hinge, who's heading up the pitch for the area, told the Gazunder it was a great opportunity to showcase Thanet's burgeoning arts scene. 'What with the Turner Contemporary, links with Tracey Emin, and the Turner Contemporary, Margate is fast becoming the centre of the arts universe,' said Hinge. 'There's so much going on, it's like an explosion in a custard factory!!!'

She added that 'Explosion in a Custard Factory', by 23 year old Lithuanian artist Biggas Lottadudu-Ueverseenas, which is currently showing at the Turner, would be one of the keystones of the bid. Rejecting claims that East Kent is not technically a city, Hinge added: 'If there's taxpayers' money up for grabs, it could be a banana for all I care.'

Highlights of Thanet's culture bid will include:
  •  Exhibition of 3D pavement art by the Thanet Pit Bull Owners Club
  •  'Stella Mountain', a new site-specific installation designed by the Premier Convenience Store Customers' Collective
  •  'Concrete Sticks in a Row', a permanent installation on Ramsgate seafront by reclusive Swiss artists' commune SFP
  •  Thanet Tories have pledged to hand out free planning permission, should they get back into power by 2017, to any artist with an idea for an installation who turns up with a back pocket full of 50s and plane tickets to 'somewhere nice'.
 That's enough culture - Ed.

One of the high points of Margate's cultural year - the annual
Sticking Your Head in a Box and Bad Anagrams Show

UPDATE 19 June 2013: It didn't even make it into the final four. Click here for more.


Ren Wood said...

I think these continuing slurs against our hard-working, perfect, and completely honourable and wonderful Conservative Councillors are utterly disgraceful. They are obviously being spread by horrible, unwashed, left-wingers who don't work, probably draw benefits, and possibly even come from abroad. I've read about such people in the Daily Mail, to which I subscribe regularly. England is going to pot, you know,

derick97 said...

Not so much "going" as gone
Brilliant as ever

Peter Checksfield said...

I think someone's been smoking pot!

Jeremy Kylish said...

Ren has a point for the Daily Mail, Richard Littlejohn in particular, should be compulsory reading for everyone followed by watching a full video of one of Dan Hannan's excellent speeches, either on Brown's handling of the economy or the EU.

As for pot, well I doubt it in Thanet, because most folk are still so heavily in snouts and scratch cards that I very much doubt they could afford kitchenware as well. Mind you, pot belly seems all the rage especially with some independent councillors. Probably comes from eating too much live exported meat on its return trip.

Anonymous said...

Well Ren you are on ECR blog the master anonymous wordsmith.

But the slurs, as you describe them, may also be against Kent Plod.

An ex Special constable who becomes a tory cllr, who for years has been exempted criminal inquiries by police, is now openly accused of obtaining information by communication intercept at the council without warrant.

Police source sauce possibly

Anonymous said...

What would be inspiring in the East Kent City of Culture would be an exhibition of forged dollars and documents. Sericol could be asked to sponsor it. After all some of their staff were done weren't they for availing printing ink expertise to sub machine gun toting honchos of the tory council leader and master forger.

It could be called Cyrillic Script Exhibition.

Also Not the Real Ren Wood said...

Are you sure about your sauce, Anon, for obtaining information by false teeth is a very serious matter and could lay you open to proceedings if a fence is taken. Talking of which some highly suspect looking character, clutching a bottle of champers and a pair of binos was seen peering over mine.

Mine, I heard you ask, well kamf of course being the manual of the righteous.

Mr.Glee said...

Just found out that the tax payers are forking out two and a quarter million quid a year for the anthea turnip centre,this can't be true surely?

Trixie Delight said...

Great rest room when you got to go winky tinky!

Anonymous said...

£2.25m would reopen a lot of bogs in Thanet. And if we do win it, it will have to be renamed The C'eee of Kolcher!

Anonymous said...

the politicians are under scrutiny but the net widens to the civil servants - what did McGonigal and Samuel and White know or Seed and Harvey and Button and Sproate. Sandy won't be the only one carrying the can for endemic fraud

Anonymous said...

Nah 12:07 why did Jennifer Seely leave, thats the real answer to the questions?

Anonymous said...

Thanet wins covet awards

1. It’s a City but not as Thanet knows it.
2. The most Developer Spivs (offshore and onshore) in an area award.
3. Most convicted councillor award – previously awarded to Doncaster.
4. Best planning avoidance scheme run for the benefit of an Airport.

Richard Card said...
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Anonymous said...
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