Friday, December 06, 2013

Surge Of Sympathy

Sitting here in the luxurious splendour of my five star suite at the Bournemouth Travelodge, I can't help feeling sorry for anyone on the Ile de Thanet affected by last night's storm surge. Mind you, speaking personally, the old cliff top mansion stands at least 100 feet above any such watery nonsense, and Natasha, my housekeeper, reports it's as dry as a bone this morning.

TBH, quite why anyone would want to purchase a property at sea level these days, what with climate change and the world's oceans rising at the rate of a metre a year, gawd knows!

And it is with that tenuous link in mind that I congratulate the lovely Emma Irvine and her husband Ben on finally getting the keys to Albion House, high and dry on the trendy East Cliff in the Millionaires' Playground, off the council. They plan to spend a heap of dosh on refurbishing it, and opening it as a boutique hotel next year.

They recently held an open day, with guided tours of the pile. There's a video of that below.

And congrats, too, to that nice Dr Who lady, who's also finally got the council's thumbs up for her Project Motorhouse in the old Ramsgate Motor Museum! There's another video below the video below showing her plans for how that will pan out. So, it's all go Ramsgate!!!!!!!

Anyway, moustache as I need to devote a coupla minutes to polishing my Twankey ahead of this afternoon's matinee. Toodle-oo!


Anonymous said...

You should say at the central Premier inn opp The Pavilion, Not your average Premier but an ex Hilton Hotel. Failing that I recommend The Lampeter in the Central gardens at £65 a night in winter and its has parking.

Anonymous said...

This climate change nonsense is a hoax, ECR.

The sea level only rises when Al Gore is residing in his ocean front palace, and then only when the fat slob takes a dip in the briny lea.

Al Gore's gut is getting bigger... that is your actual cause of tidal surges, I think you'll find.

Peter Batt said...

I live AT sea level in God's own town of Broadstairs, and so the storm surge stuff was of more than passing interest (to me). BUT... I realise that such petty inconveniences, like catastrophic flooding, are but nothing compared with the everyday existential challenges you face south of the King George VI park. So it's heartwarming to know there are wonderful things happening in the royal port of Ramsgate – even in this post-austerity age. I'll sleep soundly tonight – provided, of course, the Met Office hasn't plucked its tidal forecasts out of their collective arse.

Anonymous said...

So Bournemouth does not flood then?
And not a lot of people know this. Rail fare return Ramsgate to Bournemouth is £83 via Waterloo. But if you are time rich but cash poor its just £29 via Barnham. You just have to change at Tonbridge/Redhill and Southampton.

Anonymous said...

Does that mean…gasp…that your real identity is Bobby Crush?

[Rushes to sideboard to find autograph book and bus pass to make journey to Ramsgate…

But, damn, you're not there…]