Friday, December 20, 2013

Property News

Thinking of selling up and leaving this dump? Then who better to consult than Thanet's leading estate agents, Lovetts?!

And at the moment they're running a special promotion - they'll sell your cliff top mansion for only 1% commission (+ VAT)!

Why not tool along to their website? Or give them a call on 01843 570305. But don't forget to tell them The Daily Thanet sent you!

NB: The fact that Lovetts are now co-sponsoring this blog, having left a substantial sum in a manilla envelope under a lobster pot in the inner harbour, has had no influence on the content of this post.


John Holyer said...

Thank you. Your post has been an immense contribution to the debate.

Anonymous said...


Leave my crustaceans alone and get your own!!

Anonymous said...

You will never make an estate agent ECR calling Thanet a dump. You need to big it up a little.

Area of outstanding beauty, excellent schools, good selection of High Street shops, excellent pubs and restaurants that have all passed the local council excellent vetting scheme, low crime rate, excellent rated local council, good transport links including a modern regional airport on your doorstep and a very successful ferry port servicing the continent, cultural centre of the south east.

Richard Eastcliff said...

The days when I was interested in contributing to a mass debate, the likes of which you see on the other Thanet blogs, are long gone Mr H.

Anonymous said...

One of the funniest comments I have seen in a long time. No, not your post, ECR, but the thought that John Holyer ever contributes ANYTHING to any debate.

And before he comes back with the usual right-wing jibes about people posting "during the night", I am off to work soon and just had a pre-departure surf around the blogs.

Anonymous said...

You'll always be a mass debater Richard!

Anonymous said...

You could have described the area as "Up and coming" even without subscribing to a mass debate.

Mr H has long been deluded that a debate occurs on Thanet blogs. On occasions he refers to his fantasy as "The debate".

Much of the blog fun passes him by. I think Mr Kipling described a character similar to our JH.

The fellow was away defending empire and talking cricket in the mess with no concept of the swinging scene amongst the ex pats from the shires.

"Deployed the old googly and notched up the golden duck last time I was in Rangoon old man"

"Oh I say, well done dear chap", said JH prototype in awe.

John Holyer said...

Anon 4:14 am,

You have had a premature what?

Anonymous said...

Not what I tune in for each day - an advert for Lovett's. Is it the case that the Daily Thanet has run out of ideas barely one week after its inception?

Anonymous said...

The day you go to work, 4:14, will be one to remember. How many early morning workers decide to have a trip round the blogs before they go? Anyway, thanks for the laugh.

John Holyer said...

Anon 11:34

Your rambling post does not make sense.

You claim to be quoting from a "Mr Kipling". Who is he? It is certainly not Rudyard Kipling.

You probably meant another Mr Kipling, someone you met down the pub bearing in mind that it sounds like the mumblings of an incoherent drunk.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.13 you are right, where is Saturdays post on "The Daily Tripe"?

Richard Eastcliff said...


Anonymous said...

"The Daily Thanet" is back, the real one that is!

Anonymous said...

John Holyer, John Holyer, the blogger to watch.

He is an expert on so many things, literature especially, standing above the rest of us mere mortals. How wonderful that he steps down from his mount to share his wisdom and knowledge so generously. Is there anything he cannot do, I wonder.

We should laud him, and strew the ground ahead of him with palm leaves.

Greatness is among us, friends.

John Holyer said...

Anon 11:30 am,

Thanks for the mention.

If ignorance is bliss then you must be the happiest person on earth.

Now off you go, back to the cooking sherry.