Monday, January 09, 2006


Now that Ramsgate is officially a millionaire's playground (see Country Life magazine this month), I propose we get some new signage that's more appropriate to our new-found status.

My suggestions are:

- replace shabby old welcome sign on Manston Road with flash new sign in glowing gold neon. While we're about it we could replace all those nonsense twin towns that we've never heard of (Conflans anyone?), with e.g Monte Carlo, Cannes, Geneva.

- build massive 'HOLLYWOOD' style sign on top of St George's, would be seen from miles around. (Obviously this would say 'RAMSGATE', not 'HOLLYWOOD'.)

- take down obsolete signs to 'Model Village' and 'Motor Museum', replace with signs to 'Olympic Village' and 'Guggenheim Museum'.

I'm sure it would only be a matter of months before Harvey Nic's opened a branch here.

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