Monday, January 23, 2006

Local Television

Although I refuse to watch commercial television, I do occasionally tune into the BBC, especially the local Kent and Sussex news, whilst I'm having a bite at lunchtime, or during supper.

Generally these broadcasts consist of an ugly fat bloke with a stubbly beard, or post-menopausal bottle-blonde TV spinster, or both, informing us that a toasted cheese sandwich bearing a vague resemblance to Mother Theresa has been discovered in Dover, or that there will be a fete held this weekend in Canterbury, featuring a stuffed cat spinning round on an old record turntable.

So it was a revelation this lunchtime to see some real news happening in front of our eyes. As our weather forecaster, the heavily pregnant Natalie Booker, was about to tell us how cold it was going to be this evening, she doubled up in agony, muttered something about having to go, and rushed off the set. Let's hope Natalie, and the little one, if that's what it was, are doing well.

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