Friday, May 16, 2014

'Dark Forces' At Work In Thanet

Cripes! All that Manston mullarkey has somewhat distracted me from the comings and goings at Thanet Duffer Central this week!

Our esteemed leader, Coiffeured Clive, has gone after posting the longest resignation letter in the history of resignation letters. So in comes Irish Johnston, the Margate Mauler who shoots prisoners first, then takes them without asking questions. Er, sorry, not sure where I was going with that. 

The fallout has seen the departure of Poole the Fool from the TDC cabinet (he'll be the chap who patronised you if you were a protester at any of the Pleasurama eyesore meetings), and Michelle Fenner, her of 'Whoops! We've handed £1.5m to the live animal exporters!' fame.

That's not including the ongoing kerfuffle over the council's Chief Executive Sue McGonigal allegedly being involved in some scandal over planning, but I'll leave that aside for now. 

Any-old-how, a missive has plopped into the ECR mailbox purporting to emanate from Ms Fenner herself. When it comes to local politics, you have to realise I'm a self-confessed bear of very little brain. So I'll just reprint Fenner's farewell in full - unexpurgated and unedited - and let you make of it what you will. My only comment being that, in casting the Swivel-Eyed Loons (©2013 - D Cameron) as 'The Forces of Darkness', she may be confusing OBE-Wodge Kenobi with Darth Vader!

I read in the press some comments referring to dark forces in relation to my work and Cllr. Poole’s work in Clive Hart’s Cabinet.

Our actions as Cabinet members were not the result of dark forces in relation to 
  • the Live animal export issue and our decision to impose a temporary ban to protect the staff at the port
  • The motion I tabled against the bedroom tax and its disastrous effects on Thanet residents 
  • The motion on equal marriage, in line with
  • The renewed Equalities policy promoting fairness in the Council and in the community at large
  • The procurement Strategy supportive of local suppliers
  • At the General Purposes Committee we acted in support of the Chief Executive’s rights against complaints 
We did this because we used factual evidence and we were guided by our sense of social justice and our integrity

I wish for all this good work to continue because the alternative is unthinkable.

Indeed there are dark forces at work

They reside with the people who use this platform to undermine the democratic process and they reside with UKIP

With this council, we have a forum to speak out as councillors and also with the 2 parliamentary candidates for MEP and the UK Parliament.

I urge my colleagues on the other side and my friends and comrades on this side to turn their fire on and speak out against the policies that would hurt badly the residents of Thanet whom we all represent against the UKIP pledges to get rid of employment laws which protect staff, which provide paid annual leave and maternity leave, and to replace them with policies based on prejudice, ignorance and discrimination.

UKIP and their acolytes from the National Front and their ideology ARE THE DARK FORCES. And we must all stand against them, not try and befriend them.

I will certainly continue to do so.

Cllr. Johnston decided not to include me in her Cabinet as she thought that I would not be able to provide the 24/7 availability that she thinks is required, so I will continue my work to promote equality and social justice in my own way.

This is why I am minded to vote in favour of Cllr. Johnston as Leader of Thanet District Council.


Anonymous said...

That should assure UKIP of a few thousand more votes.

Anonymous said...

About a year ago I emailed Cllr. Fenner about a consultation and how I could take part. I also Emailed my local councillor, John Worrow. When I received no reply from either I wrote to the Iotg, copying both councillors. Before publication I received an answer from both councillors. Fenner said that she had thought I had found out the answer from the internet which is why she didn't reply, and Worrow sent me a different Email address. Such is t5he quality of our local councillors. It wouldn't happen in the private sector because time is money.

Anonymous said...

Is Ms Fenner of sound mind ? Surely councillors should undergo some sort of psychological tests before they are passed fit for purpose.

Anonymous said...

Poole Fenner shoelaces tie, stopwatch omg!

Anonymous said...

There is indeed a former National Front parliamentary candidate Thanet who is with UKIP.

He had a fellow NF member who was also in another far right group. One of the prominent members of that group went on to become a Thanet tory cllr and tory assn vice chair. (After an embarrassing arrest for paramilitary activity and an earlier conviction for road rage assault)

There are efforts (forlorn or otherwise)to persuade Theresa May to include this history in her judge led inquiry Daniel Morgan murder case. IE The arrests 1987 of TA soldiers at Broad Oak.(Including of the later tory cllr and a later tory Mayor). AND the arrests by Met Det sgt Alex Leighton 1992 of Margate based UDA terrorist hit men and drugs importers.

I can only conclude that the cllr talk a good fight but leaves it to others to do the real fight.

After all she happily serves in a council that has no policy for compliance with the statutory reporting duties of Terrorism Act 2000.

In the 1980s South Africa via BMARC was arming UDA. BMARC ?

Weren't they to do with rising tory star David Cameron and Dr David Kelly visit to South Africa 1989 to ensure the expected Mandela regime did not inherit nuclear weapons ?

Anonymous said...

Can't judge on that 3.34, but I think English isn't Madame Fenner's first language - which might explain the incomprehensible text?

Anonymous said...

Was this claim all about then?
"At the General Purposes Committee we acted in support of the Chief Executive’s rights against complaints"

The Chief exec can look after herself, we expect the GP committee to look after the rights of Thanet's residents.

If the two EKO management board member from TDC (Hart and the chief exec) had not been part of the EKO planning appeal that's liable to cost us tax payers in excess of £100k to defend, then Hart, Poole and Fenner may have still been leading TDC.
They bought this on themselves.

PS its good to see that the video of last nights council meeting is available in record time, maybe it did not need censoring.

Anonymous said...

so many of you are voting UKIP, do you know there manifesto pledges, do you know there policies? don't think so, look deeper before you vote, its pretty frightening. most of them are former Tories or BNP anyway, this is not a good mix. Be Afraid, don't fool for the pint and a fag, Farage is a great salesman, nothing more.

Anonymous said...

"The fag"? I didn't think he likes those.

Anonymous said...

You published Richard you magnificent rascal.

Mercenary did he deploy to South Africa via a Thanet support network

The victim of the historic abuse has contacted me about the Thanet history She is now a very strong woman. I think inquiry, into the alleged mercenary support network in Thanet, to Searchlight magazine and the 1994 Desmond Tutu Commission of Inquiry is being driven by her privately but Warwickshire Police are kept informed.

She is happy for the linkie to be published on blog.

We know they did go to South Africa as mercenaries. The question is whether they were amongst the lot with the man who used Royal Temple Yacht Club as his correspondence address.

And you know I think that Cabinet Office has delayed response to FOI to take a public interest decision re James Shortt. The man exposed as bogus ex SAS by Private Eye 2008.

To have got the job as consultant on cabinet security did he have an existing security clearance. And that question has huge resonance in both Lawrence and Morgan cases. And in connection with ex apartheid regime intelligence officers moving to UK. And in connection with the Dr david Kelly case.

Anonymous said...

Crazy stuff! I genuinely have concerns for her well being

Anonymous said...

Beware UKIP including in kent Latchford is isekiels old deputy leader when there was dodgy dealings at TDC now he leads ukip in thanet, stinks.

Anonymous said...

All eyes are n Iris now as she has allowed Clive etc to continue and its her Buggins Turn at TDC.

What are her policies? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Simon Moores resigns too: good riddance!

Anonymous said...

Did Cllr Fenner use Google translate for her statement from French to English?

Anonymous said...

We could do without Latchford: what has the UKipper done in the last year?

Anonymous said...

10:11 pm. You are guilty of a terminological inexactitude. Simon Moores is not resigning, he is not standing at the next council elections. Please at least get your facts right and do not attempt to present things as you would wish to see them rather than what is actually the case.

Anonymous said...

We dont want UKIP here, nasty people

Anonymous said...

Cllr Moors has lost the plot, I know he's a Tory and you expect that from them, face it they don't have a great track record locally or even to a degree nationally, arrests, prison, cautions, untrustworthy behaviour and so on, but there are 3 Tory cllrs from all of them that are OK and are not selfish and care, moors wasn't one but I thought him to be rational, not any more.

Anonymous said...

"What are her policies? Anyone?"

Iris doesn't have any policies. She was a member of Nicholson's barmy army and can't operate without her old chums. My prediction is that you will see the return of Nicholson, Harrison etc. and that they will be pulling her strings.

Anonymous said...

Just watching an old episode of escape to the country, they showed some buyers looking for a home in devon some 300.000 year old phosils, and I thought most old Tories and UKIP were in Thanet, just shows you learn something new.

Bemused of Birchington said...

Perhaps because we spell FOSSILS differently and correctly here 4:04 pm.

Even the new Labour election strategist managed to spell Ed Miliband's name with two Ls, so what hope is there for education, education, education.

Anonymous said...

Best slogan ever wss Nigels visit to the walpole bay hotel, were banners were evident with the phrase nasty little nigel, after his Dover debate on Friday scare mongering and making comments about groups of foreigners living next door to you, you have to ask is there a racist element to UKIP?

Anonymous said...

5.55 thats what happens when you use predicted text., sorry we're not all Tory perfect, oh wait forgot neither are the Tories.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it. Ukip supporters are reactionary, elderly, narrow-minded little-Englander types who have finally been given their uneducated voice by an establishment pedagogue whose public image is quickly unravelling.

The James O'Brian interview was a master class in skewering a political spiv. When the going got tough, his minder had to bail him out.

The world has changed and they don't like it. They're angry that their little world has been changed whilst they've been washing their Rover 200s. They'd vote BNP but don't have the social confidence to stand by their choices so they vote for the Bigot-Lite party.

It'll all come to nothing. Ukip contains the seeds of its own destruction and with it, the final hopes of the generation of scared pathetic, reactionary gits that this country has spent too long breeding.

For the record, I'd rather live next to a Romanian than a Ukip saddo.

Bemused of Birchington said...

Sorry to learn that you have not learnt to read your messages composed using predictive text 7:54, but then apathy rules.

Anonymous said...

5:12 I thought Moores not standing again was resigning? Or are you trying to put a positive spin on it - and why is he waiting a year to go? Resign now and save us all some tax and let someone better do it.

Anonymous said...

If Farage and his buddies in UKIP want to stop being protested against, he needs to stop pretending to have the country and people at heart, stop pretending to be a person of the people, its all a publicity gig, stop allowing other parties extremist rejects into UKIP, such as latchford, jones, and others, and go back to there very real Tory roots with a hint of BNP philosophy. As the people hitting him over yhe head with banners are the beer drinkers, the real working classes. He and his party only fool the nieve and like minded, not the rational honest. How long before Driver joins them.

Anonymous said...

Your 6:56......
An independent 'Initial Assessor' was appointed by the GP Committee, through the Local Government Association (LGA), to look at Cllr Driver's two complaints. She recommended 'that no further action be taken'

What part of 'no further action' don't you understand?

Anonymous said...


I would be grateful, concerning "Dark Forces", if you would publish this clarification particularly for "Bemused of Birchington" who I believe was an engineer at Cummins.

In 1987 Guys Hospital Petbow backup generator system failed. It was a 3 fault sequence. There was internal inquiry at Petbow and the system repaired.

In 1995 the same 3 fault sequence occurred on the same installation. But the cut of both mains power (Petbow mains monitor control fault) and the later failure of back up power caused a loss of life support power to post op ICU. A child patient died.

In 1996, at the insistence of Jonathan Aitken MP, the Health and Safety Executive carried out inquiry at Petbow.

Petbow admitted to the problem of failing rotor pack to shaft welds. But did not explain, as far as I know, why the free repair method was re-welding or why the repair welds did not subsequently fail like the original production welding did on quite a scale.

Petbow claimed that the fault had never led to a catastrophic breakdown but that it only caused a distorted output waveform.

The HSE report was then criticised by me and Jonathan Aitken insisted HSE argue in the technical detail.

They lost the initial encounter then withdrew from the case as failures of hospital generators are not designated as reportable incidents under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

As far as I know Cllr Steve Ladyman had been involved (I stand to be corrected) in gaining Petbow grant aid to remain in Thanet.

When he became MP he refused to continue Jonathan Aitken MP work in securing our backup power resilience.

Later in Ladymans time as MP the information from the Pfizer Development site came in via a site weld inspector. The boast of former Petbow production welders about the method used to nobble production welding.

No one suggests that sabotage was at the root of the sub standard pipe and vessel welding at Pfizer. But Ladyman, with both Pfizer and Petbow an issue, once again kept quiet and refused to raise the issue as an MP.

Aitken in 96 reported to the Petbow MD that resistive load testing was inadequate. It could be exploited by a saboteur to get machines to pass factory 110% load test yet fail at site. Hence that testing must include reactive loads and preferably harmonics in the feedback.

So take it to the bank. Kent Police knew (together with Leeds Infirmary photographic and expert evidence) that Petbow had a saboteur.

The alleged saboteur was in the 70s and 80s in a far right group which included men who became leaders of a local private military cadet group. Also in the group was a local teacher who was also in National Front with the parliamentary cabdidate now with UKIP locally. Rick

Anonymous said...

Bemused of Birchington.


This was an inquiry commissioned by govt to look at the number of failures of backup generators on NHS hospitals due to failing engine bearings.

They concluded that different oils should be used.

BUT they were not told that with one manufacturer there was an admitted problem of shaft weld failure. Could this mean that (especially with single bearing gennies) engine bearings were stressed by out of balance rotating mass of the generator rotor ?

I don't believe for a second that a failed rotor pack to shaft joint would merely lead to distorted output wave form.

But I did look at the role of the frequency compensation action of the Petbow Automatic Voltage Regulator. Quite interesting.

Its role is to protect the engine from stalling torques. It is mitigating transient torque through the shaft.

There were two aspects of the AVR which seemed relevant. Harmonics in the feedback and the failure to mark a capacitor on production drawings as a critical value component whose value was specific to application. Indeed the test dept thought it was a "Universal AVR". Just plug it in and it controls any generator !

The Leeds Infirmary incidents (all 3 generators at hospital had defective production welds) suggested that fluorescent lighting in the load may have been disrupting AVR action by harmonics.

The AVR action was still mitigating torques but not sufficiently to stop the defective weld from ripping.

The saboteur in spite of his degree in applied maths appears to have got his sums wrong !

As I understand it research was made by an author of books about terrorism and he came up with a figure of 100 repairs to rotor pack welds done free as gennies failed and were reported.

It would appear reasonable to suspect that when sabotage was first reported (By a service engineer 1981 that was to do with stator windings) the company took a decision to defend market share by not issuing a product recall or site test notification. Gambling against there ever being a total black out testing all the gennies out there in one incident.

And then I think the company was sold to a Bangladeshi Holding Company in the later 80s.

Bemused if you recall the AVR I refer to. I spent two hours with its designer who ran through Nyquist stability etc. So I do know how it was designed to work and the design engineer was a bit of a genius unfortunately sidelined at Petbow. But that is why I recommended that design engineer should verify that production are actually churning out what he designed. Rick

Ian Driver said...

Looking after the Chief Executives rights my backside. Fenner and Hart deliberately tried to undermine and cover my comaplaint against the Chief Executive. Their actions promoted a 13 page letter from the Council's Montiring Officer which exposed their role. This is one of the reasons why Hart resigned

Anonymous said...

You can hear the UKIP winter gardens guff now, we would have saved the former airport, we wouldn't allow gtoups of foreigners to move in next to you, we will lead you out of europe, some immigrants are good, but most are spongers. What crap, they do not tell you they want to do away with the minimum wage let alone have a livable one, they do not tell you, its a not well kept secret they want to privatise the NHS, they do not tell you they want to cut your statutory rights at work, for othrrs which will favour employers far more, they do not tell you once all this is done, they will take this country back to the Victorin times ofvthe haves and have nots were the current middle classes will become poorer and the have nots will be in greater poverty than they are in now

Anonymous said...

We neec more homes were will they go?

Anonymous said...

9:39, we have hundreds standing empty and hundreds more already being built. The problem in Thanet is not homes but jobs. Any answers to that one?

Bemused of Birchington said...

Sorry Rick, not a clue what you are talking about. Never worked at Petbow, nor was I involved in welding anywhere.

Bemused of Birchington said...


For the record, I was at Cummins, which was an assembly plant when I was there, from about mid 2006 to Feb 2008, when I retired. An assembly plant takes sub assemblies from other suppliers and assembles them. (Sorry to state the obvious, but no welding is involved). Quite what point Rick is trying to make is beyond me, unless he is unhappy at my correcting an anon in the spelling of fossils.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that no one has commented on the juxtaposition of Mr. Farage and the banner behind him.

Anonymous said...

11.01 its the same issue all over, people travel they have to, we are no different, to west kent, medway, sussex, essex, herts, the midlands, the North, or anywhere, which is why those thay can work locally do and those which cannot do the daily migration, to where ever they have to. Even those in london seldom have the privilege of working on there door step, they commute to other parts of london or elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

There you go in the papers today, all farages UKIP candidates making racist comments or repirted to have at least, but they have the evidence. Still want to listen to this lot, let alone vote for them?

Anonymous said...

Some of the local councillors should now look at how the old airfield, can be developed as opposed to like some of them, holding onto an old failed dream. Your personal thoughts and ambitions shouldn't come into it, whats best for thanet should, if you cannot or do not have the vision, step aside.

Richard Eastcliff said...

The original item was about UKIP and Cllr Fenner's resignation, so let's stick to that particular plot, shall we? I've indulged Rick's fascination with generators and the like because it is marginally relevant, since there is no doubt that there have been some very dodgy goings-on at TDC over the years. Quite how he's made a connection to you, Mr B of B is, however, beyond me.

As for UKIP, I've never made any bones about disliking them. At best they appear to me to embody the worst kind of Little Englandism, at worst they appear to be thinly disguised Fascists. Not saying they are, just saying that's how they seem to me. And I say that as someone who is not wholly unsceptical of the European project, nor completely devoid of any patriotic feeling towards this sometimes great country of ours.

I expect I'll be bombarded with abuse for expressing that opinion, but that's the way Fascism works, and always will.

Anonymous said...

I see that Iris is awaiting a phone call from Ann Gloag. At least she is doing more about the airport than her predecessor seemed to be doing.

Anonymous said...

Good to see that many of the ukip posters around Thanet have been defaced. Hope their Nasty rally at the Winter Gardens is defaced too.

Anonymous said...

So defacing opposition posters is the stuff of democracy? Well, it is what one comes to expect from the left, that and demonstrating at other parties meetings and generally behaving like the rabble they are.

Why not just listen to what candidates have to say and then vote for the one you believe or makes the most sense.

Anonymous said...

Dear All, Mrs Gloag phoned me back this evening and we have had over half an hour of conversation. I felt she absolutely appreciated our position in Thanet with high unemployment and the great economic value of having our own local airport. Her secretary will be contacting Annette tomorrow to arrange a visit to TDC in about ten days time. On a personal level I found Anne to be approachable and we shared the same history of campaigning on Women and Children's issues.

I feel I should now leave this with officers and Cabinet Colleagues until I return on Wednesday.

Kind regards, iris

Richard Eastcliff said...

You heard it here first on the Big Thanet Blog! Of course I have no way of authenticating whether that really was the leader of TDC commenting there, so let's just say you probably might have heard it here first.

Anonymous said...

Actually heard it first in Thanet Life, Simon Moores' Blog and copied it over.

Anonymous said...

Sir Roger Wind is talking up a CPO on the airport. For what? It's inevitable that failure as an airport will come around regardless of the owner. There is a huge debate about airport capacity in the south east going on right now and in all likelihood heathrow or gatwick or both will get a new runway. Nobody is going to spend money in improving rail speed times to Manston when most people want and do travel to airports via private vehicle. Manston is 75 miles away from London, and potential passengers would have to weigh up nearer stansted, gatwick, heathrow, city , Luton and Southend before plumping for manston. The 'success' of manstons freight operations are a quirk of statistics. Is the 6th largest freight airport on the country but carries a fractions of a percent of the others as most freight comes in the hold of passenger planes. Manston has no passenger services.

I'm more likely to be right as I have 15 years of statistics and losses to back up my argument. Rog decides to ignore the facts and go with the fantasy bouncing around between his ears.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Compulsory purchase order now roger? The airport went up for sale in march 2012.

Stable doors and horses, anyone?

Alan Poole said...

Ian Driver's 9:08

Ian are you seriously suggesting that the Independent Assessor's recommendations should be ignored?
I'm very certain that an Industrial Tribunal would take a very dim view of that and award the appropriate level of damages!

What part of 'no further action' don't you understand?

And by the way the removal of property without the owners permission is theft in my book.

Anonymous said...

9:49 Iris Johnston

I see Iris has to get in on the 'save Manston Airport' act trying to out do Gale and Sandys?
The airport has closed and will not reopen as an airport unless there is someone out there willing to lose £10,000 per day.
Time to move on and look for the best solution for Thanet.

Anonymous said...

A CPO can only be made successfully if it is in the public interest. No court in the land would rule that a compulsory purchase of Manston is in the public interest. #galefail again.

Anonymous said...

Whilst I respect the opinions of those against Manston I have yet to hear any credible alternative. All you do is decry the efforts of those who are trying to make a go of it, and peace and quiet in Ramsgate is not the solution. Houses, don't think so.

Anonymous said...

it won't cost £10k a day with no staff.. from scratch you can get new staff for far less cost

Anonymous said...

to use one of Gales phrases to describe what Gloag has done to the airport as corporate vandalism, well what TDC (there Cllr's and Officers) are trying to do to Ramsgate and the effected villages, with buying the site to re-open and have night flights, really is vandalism and neglect of the area they are employed and elected to serve. its to hell with Ramsgate, as long as they can be happy whinging in Birchington, Westgate and Broadstairs, make Margate prosper at the expense of Ramsgate, look at there track record over 30 years plus, Ramsgate gets left behind every time, this is the one time we are having something going on with motor museum moving forward, tunnels, Pleasurama, pavilion, and more, plus the bonus of the leisure and hotel industry picking up without flights 500 feet above them rattling there windows, and they are trying to put a stop to it to benefit Margate, is it TDC or Margate Council? start a petition to have our own Council, break away, republic of Ramsgate.