Friday, January 10, 2014

Manston Owner Denied Planning Permission

Cripes! RAF Kent Manston Margate Tracey Emin Chas 'n' Dave Maggie Thatcher Schipol Skyport Poundland International Airport's new owner Ann Gloag has lost a planning battle to build a row of new homes!

Hmmm. Well. It's a bit of a slow news week. So the story, which I spotted in The Scotsman, relates to a patch quite a few miles north of our septic isle. Somewhere called Kinfauns, in fact.

According to the paper, the 71 year old former nurse, one of Scotland's wealthiest women, wanted to build a row of three bedroomed houses on a green belt site which objectors said breached 'just about every planning policy for the location'.

Stagecoach tycoon Ann, who shares in an estimated £650m fortune with her brother Sir Brian Souter, bought RAFMMTECNDMTSSPI Airport in November for £1. It's not the first time she's been criticised for blight planning. In 2012 she obtained planning permission for another development which Forestry Commission Scotland warned would ruin an area of ancient woodland, and which locals said would cause property prices to plummet.

Talking of blights, what on earth, or, indeed, in air, was that unmarked plane doing the rounds over Ramsgate this morning? My Plane Finder app had it down as HFI 651K, but unusually, when I popped that into Google, instead of the usual slew of anorak data, all I got was the one hit - for a number plate vendor.

It's ironic, as Annie G won a landmark case in Scotland in 2007 to keep ramblers out of the ten acres of grounds surrounding her castle. She seems to have no problem sending planes over my cliff top mansion, though!

Ah, but maybe, as one of my Twatter followers suggested, it's covert practice for a bombing run over the Pleasurama Eyesore at the end of next month!

Update: Yikes! The day after I wrote this, Ann Gloag cancelled this year's Manston Air Show!


Anonymous said...

Would you not be better this time of year going to MARBELLA and polishing the silverware on your Boat Rather than spending your time PLANE SPOTTING , Maybe its counting all the Millions of Romanians that are invading your ISLE

Anonymous said...

Tongue in cheek of course

Richard Eastcliff said...

Hmmm. methinks I detect Disgruntled Don there!

Anonymous said...

Dave actually counting on your vote, Cameron

Anonymous said...

CS-TQZ.. A Gatwick based Airbus A340 .. crew training

Don Wood said...

Nah not me Dickie I call you a twat to your face without hiding behind anons. You disappoint me dick you of all people thinking I would moan at one of your posts I do it two at a time. I am surprised you aint in Marbeya after selling out you old scoundrel. I am not disgruntled either you know I am A Grumpy Old Man so far removed from being disgruntled I would need to catch a plane to get back to that time in my life.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What a shame that all your thick Thanet commenters have so far failed to grasp the point of your article ECR, namely that Ann Gloag is far more interested in developing land than running a transport business these days. That is why she will walk all over Thanet.

Anonymous said...

Gloag and Macgonagil will poison us and Hartless will help them

Don Wood said...

And Dickie is that another Anon commentator on your blog maybe your new bosses will ban the anon

Don Wood said...

wonder if 4;43 aimed his comment at me I was 14 when I last had an anorak quilted blue one with a zip I detested it but I had to wear it to school

Schmoozyschlepp said...

Given the rather lax state of planning permission in the TDC demesne I think we can confidently expect another estate arising on the fringes of our glamorous international hub airport.

Schmoozyschlepp said...

Given the laissez-faire approach to planning regs in this septic isle, no doubt a new housing estate will soon be fringing the flanks of Thanet's most glamorous international departure lounge.

Anonymous said...

Both Gloag and her brother Souter are known to be tough and uncompromising business people. It'll be interesting to see how she reacts to this set-back in her own back yard, and how she will respond if she doesn't get unequivocal support in Thanet for her airport's development.

Tony said...

Bad luck Richard, another little Fokker going round and round this morning. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Anon 5.37 is a fan of oxymoron, Occams Razor and begging the question fallacy ?

Kindest regards

Thick Thanet Reader Snr

Anonymous said...

What have you done to rattle old Ironside's mobility scooter ECR?

John Holyer said...

Anon 5:37 pm,

I for one grasped the point of ECR's article; but I fail to grasp the point of your facile superiority. Other than you like to sneer, it makes you feel important.

Anonymous said...

If it was possible to build on the airport land it would not have sold for £1. It is worth millions if that was the case .. so an airport it will stay.

Anonymous said...

ChinaGate and EKO were the last (secretive) planning developments for Manston and were scrapped when details emerged of acres of warehouses (and the £25K largest-ever Labour donation from the developer) etc built at Manston.

And with the collapse of the 2014 Manston Airshow now it is even less likely to be a £1 airport.

One or two half-empty KLM flights or a few African cargo planes or polo ponies are worthless to Thanet.

Gloag should be charged the correct fines for the pollution and arrests made.

And where are the KIACC and TDC Airport Committees now still allowing pollution and keeping their heads down?

Anonymous said...

plane was CS-TQZ, an A340

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:25 .. long time no see Tim..
The Airshow has nothing to do with the airport so would have made no money from it.
In December KLM flew 3,968 pax, so the figures are still improving.

Anonymous 4:00 .. this info was posted already the day it arrived

Anonymous said...

Manston is on the up eh 8:18?

And a plane circling the towns is good for the area?

And the Airshow had nothing to do with the airport?

You are kidding.

But tell us the revenue the airport contributes to the area. It was making a £20M a year loss.

And you mustn't assume everyone who dislikes the abuses of the airport is Tim.

But tell us your view on the pollution fines and who is on the TDC Airport Committee now.

Anonymous said...

I didn't say the airshow had nothing to do with the airport. It is run by a commercial venture, so has no financial stake to make money from it, as I said.
I see no real gain from aircraft training to the area but it does help the airport out financially.
As for losses I have no access to official figures, neither do you.
Pollution and fines I have no comment on.. if you wish to be more involved on the committees that are involved I suggest to apply to take part.

Anonymous said...

So the airport would have made no profit from the Airshow? Ridiculous but irrelevant now as it was so badly-run it's been scrapped. As will Manston itself.

Of course planes buzzing the towns add no value to the town and income to the airport - but not much given the airport is bust. A $1 sale is not good is it.

The £20M losses were detailed by Infratil each year as official figures. You just haven't read them.

Pollution and fines you have no comment? Why not? That's quite important for the airport and council isn't it?

Which are the committees running the airport? They seem to have closed themselves no doubt to distance themselves from the dodgy goings-on

You're offering pointless pro-Manston fanaticism with no explanations or valid comments on the pollution and removal of monitors.

Anonymous said...

The airport wasn't running the show, as I said twice, it was just held there. So not done by Manston for money.
No point commenting on Infratil losses.. the airport has moved on. Ask in a year to see if things are better or worse financially with a new owner.
I have no interest in monitors of noise or pollution.. only the few like you care. There are more important health issues for most to worry about.
KIACC meetings are public.. I go, maybe you should too.

Anonymous said...

How ridiculous again:

* you've had it explained to you twice now that the airport would receive income from the Airshow. Losing it again makes Manston even more unsustainable.

* indeed the airport has moved on form loss-making to essentially bankrupt: Gloag has no investment to make.

* why are you not interested in the council and Infratil removing the required monitors? Many people's health will have been affected and no fines collected? That's a crime isn't it?

* KIACC meetings are secret 3 out of 4 times a year aren't they? When are they and where are the minutes and details of the fines and pollution if you go (presumably to just one of the 4 meetings)?

And didn't Infratil even remove the complaints system so it was impossible to record complaints for KIACC to review.

You're clutching at straws with Manston and it should close immediately. It's a disaster and has been for years.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired trying to reason .. it can't have been that much of a disaster for years if it keeps plodding on .. I've seen no evidence of ill health or illegal activity in that time either.
People turn up to animal exports and Nigel Farage .. none turn up at the airport.. people just aren't that bothered about what goes on.

I'll see you in a year for an update.

Anonymous said...

Manston won't be here in a year 7:01. You're right nobody turns up at the airport certainly not passengers.

It's hardly plodded on for years if Infratil a major aviation company sold it for $1 and the councils are quiet on the monitors being removed.

So you won't see evidence of ill-health from Manston pollution: that's the point. The monitors were deliberately removed. Although the Gazette did record 3x EU safety levels didn't they?

All that's left is you and your silly Manston fanatic opinions.

Assuming the monitors were removed by Infratil and TDC what do you think should happen?

Anonymous said...

yawn .. as I said .. see you in a year.
I will put a wager on here now, £100 to charity from me if it is closed by then..
Will you put up £100 too if it remains open?

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