Sunday, November 17, 2013

Signs Of The Times

Apologies, ECR fans, for the lengthy lacuna!

I've been having such good fun working with my new best chum Clive Anderson that time has fairly whizzed by!!! Then, of course, there was all the kerfuffle at Dreamland yesterday. Following that I fell in with Antiques Roadshow expert Mark Stacey, and we both decided to take a snoop around Albion House here in Ramsgate, which was open to all-comers today as part of the lovely Emma Irvine's initiative to turn it into a boutique hotel by next June!

Phew! It's a hard life being a sleb!!!!!

Any-old-hoo, poking around Albion House, where, as we know, the young Queen Victoria used to hang her bloomers out on the balcony to dry during her summer hols, I couldn't help noticing that there was still some evidence of its more recent incarnation as council offices. If you've ever wondered why the duffer at the end of the line doesn't appear to be taking your call about that dodgy lamp post very seriously, wonder no more!
And speaking of the Highways Department, here are some other signs I've spied in my recent travels around the Millionaire's Playground:
I particularly like the full stop after 'NO'. And the miniscule 'K' as a half-arsed attempt at rectifying the typo!

The next is pretty self-explanatory:
And it appears to have worked! Hurrah!!!


Jim Scott said...
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Jim Scott said...

I say steady on ECR. Asas we have fallen foul of the dreaded call centre. But never mind you won't have to bother about lights soon as they will probably be switchd off,

Richard Eastcliff said...


Anonymous said...

How do we clean up the dog dirt in the council chamber as even the councillors now agree TDC are abysmal.

Anonymous said...

Is this the Highways department which has erected traffic lights, with the sole intention of trying to stop people from driving through Cliffsend? In the process they have forced the displaced traffic off onto other roads meaning that Manston is now becoming hopelessly congested and the cocked-up junction at Lord of the Manor is returning to it's former position of glory as the cause of total gridlock in East Kent. Whoever is responsible for the Cliffsend roadworks is a blithering idiot.

Is there a national award for the worst use of public money? If there isn't there should be and, if there is, Thanet's new roads and junctions have to be in the frame.