Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ferry Interesting

My spies on the continent with the twiddly moustaches and little grey cells report that the second TransEuropa rustbucket that was holed up in Oostende, the Larkspur, has now been sold for €400,000.

This follows the sale of TEF's other tub, Gardenia, for €750,000 in September.

Of course, Thanet Duffer Council, which allowed TEF to rack up £3.4m in the secret Ferrygate deal, will see none of this as they never put their name on the list.

I dunno. Next time I have to pay my council tax, I think I might just get the money out in cash, pop it in a black sack, and bury it in a landfill somewhere. That way I'd be cutting out the middleman!!


Anonymous said...

Sold to Itlians who want to restart the line.

Anonymous said...

Sunk before it starts than

Anonymous said...

I think we can look forward to another ship arriving soon at Ramsgate a prison ship to take all the rascals off to Botany Bay

Anonymous said...

Botany Bay? Isn't that a nudist beach?

Anonymous said...

Well researched ECR.

Simon Moores, with regard to the Standards abandoning ship, has now indulged conspiracy theory. Acolytes of Derek Hatton have apparently disrupted the usual smooth public service, characterised by TDC, by infiltrating in a dastardly Militant Tendency known method.

To whit ? Blame Ian Driver. I wonder if Simon has been studying on the John Hamilton correspondence course.

The Pleasurama Developers are having some respite as attention has been diverted to TEF. The former East Kent Maritime Trust has long gratefully skulked away from public attention. Was it 25 years at £120,000 per year of public funds. And what does Thanet have to show for it ?

Tony Ovenden said...


I can tell you that to my knowledge that EKMT got about £120,000 from 1994 to 2003 then £100,000 a year to 2007. Before that I am not to sure what they got.

Anonymous said...

In that case was East Kent Maritime Trust the pilot for the Turner Centre? IE the councils will spend millions of public money on it for years and then look back and wonder what they got for it, apart from being the only sheltered cafe and clean and free toilets on Margate seafront hence the million visitors. The footfall was nothing to do with the smutty crap scribbled by emmins.

Anonymous said...

EKMT, that is a blast from the past. Isn't that the organisation that the council pumped money into that didn't produce accounts as they should have? No change then in the control of money. Oh yes and didn't TDC gave them our money and then billed them over twenty grand per year in rents to pump up the harbour income .. good game, good game. Bloody fiction.