Monday, March 03, 2014

The Fat Lady Sings On The Pleasurama Eyesore

Update: Following the success of this video, which has now gone viral with more than a dozen hits worldwide, it's been suggested that we commission an operatic number for the upcoming FFS Ramsgate Music Festival, being organised by the Friends of Ramsgate Seafront.

If any of you budding lyricists out there feel like making up some words to the tune of 'Barcelona' by Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Cabbale (which neatly fits with 'Pleasurama'), please do.

Appropriately enough, I am currently making arrangements for the Montserrat Cabbale part to be played by a morbidly obese, heavily tattooed woman in a tracksuit who looks like she can bang six inch nails in with her forehead. In the original song, that part is in Spanish, so it would only be appropriate for the new version to be in fluent Fannit.

Well, whaddya waiting for?!!?!


Anonymous said...

Richard, that thingy - you know next to Nipper no not the hearing trumpety thing the err, handle, has to be turned clockwise.

Anonymous said...

Why was the hoarding doubled up (32 seconds to 42 seconds running time 2009/2010) and place seaward about 2m.

Anonymous said...

The not so fat lady sings and owns a pub and it's in Ramsgate

I wonder if she would be up for singing to a topical lyric

Anonymous said...

As Councillor Roger Latchford was responsible for this project before deserting from his party to join another, its about time he came here to Ramsgate to answer some questions!

Anonymous said...

Is that the same Roger Latchford who was Conservative deputy leader serving with ex-council leader Sandy Ezekiel who went to prison for getting caught ?

Anonymous said...

Where can we get to hear the fat lady sing in Fanit?

John Holyer said...

Well, you can't rush these things.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:05,

I am surprised that you have not mentioned Mr Ezekiel before.

Anonymous said...

Try the Great Tree Anon 11.10 linkie above.

I tried to set ECR to work lyric writing. Nessun Dorma scans to Pleasurama.

I know long Russell ain't a fat lady but Miserere scans to Pleasurama as well

Sling some Pleasurama and Miserere into a lyric and a when the ferk will it be built no one knows. You know you can do it ECR.

ozzie1 said...

I'm intrigued by the possibilities and what about BARCELONA ( which scans perfectly with PLEASURAMA ) and has a fat lady ..... Montserratt Caballe and Freddie Mercury ..... job done !!

Anonymous said...

What is the delay now with the site being cleared for the Summer?

Every contract and deadline has been broken by the developer and the council are corrupt: clear the site to turf and repair the cliff.

Anonymous said...

Why is there a MyCargo and Saudi Cargo planes flying over the seafront?

Which councillor is responsible for the airport and flight paths?

Anonymous said...

Or a musical

Shaun's song:

Don't try to seize Pleasurama
The truth is
I have a leasehold

All through the Child days
His sad persistence

The site holds promise
So I keep my distance

Anonymous said...

11.42 You are setting ECR up for a Harvey re-enactment punchline. See what you did there.

Harvey his masters voice lookielikie dog

Anonymous said...

"Why is there a MyCargo and Saudi Cargo planes flying over the seafront?"
Because that is the flight path to the airport maybe?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.24

Why not find out who is "The councillor responsible" and tell us?

I was tempted to lie to you and say it is pilot Cllr Simon Moores.

Anonymous said...

I notice that these overflights have all but closed down one seafront restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Pray tell more.

Anonymous said...

Are they dropping free food parcels?

Anonymous said...

How wrong 8:03 it certainly isn't the flight path to the airport. The specified flight path is the rural end - for obvious crash and pollution issues.

Richard Nicholson is I think the councillor for the airport and Jo Gideon was the airport Chair until the whole thing fell apart and disbanded itself last Summer.

Infratil/Gloag still provide no complaints process which is as illegal as the overflights.

Richard Eastcliff said...

That's enough comments about planes - Ed.

Anonymous said...

Ed you are a moderating Spitfire and no mistake.

Anon 9.50 re Roger and out to UKIP

The Guardian on answering questions at Ramsgate

The chap Mr Munson appears to have been no run of the mill National Front but a parliamentary candidate for NF in 1975 in Thanet East polling 700 votes.

Given the revelations in today's Ian Driver blog UKIP Thanet supporters may start thinking that they have inherited a pretty dubious character.

I mean of course the ex tory one. Roger Latchford. The self styled breaker of opponents eh ?

Anonymous said...

That Guardian article you mention is from 2005. It seems that, at the time, UKIP were down to 1% in the polls. Thems were the days!

Anonymous said...

True it is 2005 but yet it is topical. In fact Clive Hart received an email on the subject this very day.

But far be it from me to incur the moderating wrath of ECR by saying any more than that.

Ian Driver has published today a little of the background.

By way of lightening the mood with some levity (AKA taking the p-ss) the Leader of the Council has been invited to use his faithful aide Harvey to serve a Cease and Desist notice on a high flying blogger cllr of the Parish of Westgate.

Presumably once the cllr finds out about these things they will proliferate as he copies the idea and serves them on anyone who thinks he is a knobhead. That is a lot of paper.

Anonymous said...

"Richard Nicholson is I think the councillor for the airport"

Does the airport vote in elections?

Anonymous said...

Pleasurama Pleasurama
Pleasurama Pleasurama
Viva !

I have this iffy scheme

(Fannit) is it an earner burner mate ?

This dream is making money

(Fannit) Is it knock an Aqua card?

I want to spin dome dosh

(Fannit) I does it wiv a cosh

A miracle devastation

(Fannit)Watch the cunny linctus

Old Bill won't make me cough

To be comntinued

Anonymous said...

worth a note larkspur has been renamed larks and is at sluiskil port any one any idea is it getting ready for its return also gardenia renamed ardenia has also been to sluiskil resently

Anonymous said...

I shouldn't laugh at the cunny linctus crack.

But I wrote it.

Given the ferry news from Zeeland I wonder if a similar title amendment should feature in next verse ?

Ezekirama Ezekirama

Where's ozzie one when we need him lyric writing ? Don't shoot n scoot on a good idea man.

Anonymous said...

Freddie Barcelona

ECR does the first chunk of lyric even scan ?

If the tattooed lady could give headbutting six inch nails a break and try it out

"is it knock an aqua card


I am sure Ozzie can do better.

Anonymous said...

Blimey Kent Plod have lost control of the airport completely: a cargo plane taking off over the town at 00:15 last night/this morning.

That's over an hour after it should close. What was the plane and cargo?

Lyndon T Palmer said...

Given today's news, that the Stephen Lawrence Review has named Det sgt John Davidson, I am able to confirm that this officer's name features in a submission to the Parole Board in the case of the Ken Speakman murder.

It is argued that the Croydon connections of a paramilitary training organisation (Deal Royal Marines Barracks)were subject of a call for inquiry by Kent Police Authority in 1997. A time when Kent Police was conducting the independent investigation of Met handling of the Stephen Lawrence case.

IE That Kent Police were refusing to investigate a David Norris line of inquiry in Kent whilst purporting to be independently and fully investigating in London.

I hope Thanet people are finally learning not to rely on Cllr Simon Moores for informed comment on matters Deal barracks, gun supply and paramilitary training at gun ranges.

Anonymous said...

5:37 Richard Nicholson and the airport and airports voting? Not sure of your point if there is one.

Richard is in charge of Manston?

Airports don't vote but the people in them do, as do the people around airports?

Anonymous said...

The late flight was a cargo one. I shall not bore you with the airline/registration. It was delayed, not scheduled, and as such was allowed.

Anonymous said...

12:31 you're very naughty. What do you know of Manston?

Delayed flights aren't allowed: the airport closes at 11pm. Not 11pm or whenever Gloag feels like it or your say-so.

Especially taking off and over the towns at night.

Bore us with the reg no/cargo please. Who was on duty at the airport last night for loading, the radar tower etc?

Anonymous said...

OK, Tim, that's enough for now about Manston.

Anonymous said...

So, it was closed at 11 was it? It took off in the dark then with nobody about in air traffic, no fire coverage, no tug driver, no airport security etc?
If so, many laws are broken, go to the police? or the CAA? Voice your concerns .. no good moaning on here is it.

Anonymous said...

The draft agreement attached as Appendix I is very similar in format to the existing
document. However, there are a number of key changes and these can be summarised
as follows;

(i) There is a presumption that there shall be no night-time flights between the hours
of 2300 and 0700 hours. Other than the passenger flights between 0600-0700 as
specified in the final paragraph of this section.

(ii) Exemptions to the restriction on night-time flights will be 12 “relief emergency
flights” in any one year, and possibly an additional 12 relief flights in extenuating
factors (if agreed by the Chief Executive, or nominee, in consultation with the
Leader). Freight cargo flights could also be possible, with the regime of fines

(iii) Local medical, coastguard and air sea rescue aircraft will also be exempt from the
night flying restriction for obvious reasons.

(iv) Scheduled flights delayed for mechanical, safety or other substantive reasons
landing between 2300 hours and midnight would not be subject to night flight

Anonymous said...

The Owner will:
4.1 adopt the use of runway 28 as the preferred departure runway and will use its
reasonable endeavours to achieve a target of seventy per cent (70%) of all
departures on that runway subject to safety requirements at all times and to air
traffic and weather requirements;

Anonymous said...

Yes 1:36 we're discussing the illegal flight here. As you say - and 1:45 details - the flight was way after the 11pm closure. Imagine if a pub decided to write its own hours.

Which councillor do we complain to was also the discussion? And you were going to tell us the cargo that was so important to take off over the towns at night with the airport closed?

Interesting too if the 1:45 document has been discussed with the council and voted on?

Infratil had form for this sort of thing and Gloag are continuing. Let's hope the Police make some arrests of the staff at Manston if they can't operate a safe airport.

Tim Garbutt said...

We could complain to the airport 1:36 if they hadn't removed the complaints system? Why do that other than taking the p#ss and leading the councillors by the nose?

Anonymous said...

Manston like Pleasurama and the Port is finished. So is TDC.

Anonymous said...

Look, it's official Tim and unofficial Tim too.

Seriously? it wasn't closed .. it stayed open.. obviously. Hours are flexible.

It says in the document "Freight cargo flights could also be possible, with the regime of fines retained"

Complain to the Police/CAA, not the council, see what they say.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean we won't be getting a rendition of "Pleasurama" ?

Richard Eastcliff said...

I'm working on it.

Anonymous said...

Don't understand 8:36's point at all: because the airport was open even though it was supposed to be closed that's OK?

Reassuring for every pub landlord or nightclub wanting to change their opening hours.

Manston's hours are not flexible. The airport closes at 11pm unless by special -prior- exception not random night flights when Infratil-Gloag feel like it.

And what was the cargo and reg no of the flight requiring a midnight takeoff over the towns?

Anonymous said...

There is no complaints system at all for Manston now and not any fines being evaluated or collected?

Anonymous said...

I note Tim that as part of your runup for mayororship wafflings you also want to ban ships off the coast. Why?

Anonymous said...

I tried to help out with the lyric ECR but I think you must be the only creative person.

I want to chuck in a Hoser and Ezekiel

But I wasn't going to mention Manston.

I think a lot of people thought Pleasurama is like the Crimea. Deadline and send in the TDC occupying force.

Shaun has a 199 year lease to get out of his hand doesn't he ?

Anonymous said...

On the day that the Home Secretary announced that the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry was seriously flawed, what were you doing ?

The findings of the MacPherson Report have entered chapter and verse of sociology degree courses. Police forces and every organisation in UK has accepted the existence of "Institutionalised racism" as a new test of faith.

And now we learn that the inquiry was unable to nail corruption so too much blame was placed on to something else. The carefully crafted definition of Institutionalised Racism.

Something profound happened in the Commons when I was trying my hand at lyric writing.

Jack Straw became vocal in support of a new Judge led inquiry. But will it turn out he is a turkey voting for Christmas ?

Anonymous said...

If the Fat Lady is appearing at the festival,I for one will be there!