Tuesday, September 10, 2013

UKIP's Trembly Finger On The Button

If you're sending a rude email about someone to a colleague, who would be the last person you'd want to copy in? Yes, that's right, the person who you are being rude about.

So North Thanet Constituency Labour Party Chairman Malcolm Bailey was not a little surprised when he opened his inbox this morning to see an email from Herne Bay Ukipper Brian MacDowall to his colleague Nicholas Bond, describing him as a 'socialist agitator'.

Malcolm had been trying to raise awareness of the potential closure of a children's centre in Herne Bay, and had been in correspondence with the UKIP Kent County Councillors over the matter. After one or two 'fobbing-off ' emails, he was then copied in on this:


at the meeting yesterday roger drew my attention to this guy.
he is a socialist agitator who has, it seems, little else to do but constantly stir up trouble by getting into protracted correspondence with whoever he wants to annoy
Zena W says she wont deal with him

believe he lives in Thanet not sure; you can either ignore him or draw his attention to your previous reply and say unless you are one of my constituents( don't think he supplied an address) I cannot help you.

'Roger' there being Sir Roger Latchford OBE, Boer War hero, former Conservative deputy leader of Thanet Duffer Council, supporter of disgraced and jailed TDC leader Sandy Ezekiel, and now ship-jumping Lord Admiral of the newly-elected UKIP opposition at KCC.

In addition to using language that almost certainly hasn't been in vogue since the Spanish Civil War ('socialist agitator'), it seems Brian MacDowall can't even get the name of one of his UKIP councillor colleagues right (it's Zita Wiltshire, Brian, not Zena).

Still, as most of Thanet voted for this shower of See You Next Tuesdays, I can only opine that you get what you pay for!


Anonymous said...

The one and only "John Hamilton" uses the term 'socialist agitator'... are you a kipper Hammy???

Anonymous said...

Boer War hero..... lol

Anonymous said...


I was thinking exactly the same thing

Anonymous said...

Well done ECR. What a bunch of wasters. Mind you I've never heard of Malcolm Bailey the Labour Chairman or indeed any of these UKIppers.

Useless old farts more like as they think their role is simply to ignore constituents.

Socialist agitator indeed. Twits.

Anonymous said...

If only Latchford would speak up on the Manston monitors and pollution now he's elected again...

Or will it be another resignation?

Anonymous said...

Such a shame UKIP councillors refuse to help with the closure of a children's centre in their divisions, simply because someone is left wing.... tut tut

Don Wood said...

LOL if twas not so serious twould be funny. if fact tis funny. Love the Boer War comment are you sure he wasnt at Rourkes Drift read this clip from the telgraph it describes him wonderfully http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1444554/Wrong-men-given-VCs-at-Rorkes-Drift.html


Anonymous said...

Except for a lack of children why are any centres or youth clubs being closed? That's what we pay KCC for. A small building and a few staff salaries are not outlandish costs.

Closing the swimming pool is part of the same problem. To refurb it would be pennies and we don't need a £5M fire station.

Anonymous said...

Latchford picking out socialist agitators stirring up trouble? Thank God his eyesight has gone or he'll be shooting us all.

William Epps said...

Don, somewhat surprised at you joining Auntie in smearing the memory of some men who faced an horrific battle over 100 years ago.

Who is to say that the 1963 film version is any less accurate than some latter day BBC programme. What is undoubtedly true is that the number of VCs awarded was probably influenced by the earlier defeat the same day at Isandalwandha, so as to make the news more palatable for the public back home.

Suffice that most historians have been very critical of the BBC version, but who is to know for sure now. That a small company of men held their position against overwhelmingly superior numbers of attackers makes them all heroes in my book.

As for Roger Latchford, sneering at his military record is all very clever, but at least he served which is probably more than most of his detractors did.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.35

Hammy and the rest of the coven meet up on a weekday evening.

Eppsy has been coven welfare witch this week. And noticing a comment on a Thanet blog, that Biggles Witch last 4 posts got no response, he hot broomsticked and put a lonely comment on Thanet Life so his cauldron chanting chum Simon wouldn't be sad.

A coven approved word is "Perfectly" and oddly so many witches use it almost as if they are the same person. For example "A typical nimby dole scrounging socialist agitator accused a perfectly decent councillor. The coven variously posted perfectly correct comments. Calling a disabled lady a monkey is an example of a coven approved perfectly correct comment."

" There may have been Arabs at a Thanet Gun Range, Rick was right about that and about Thor and about Westwood Cross and about Sericol and about Thanet's private military cadet groups." A perfectly unacceptable coven comment.

Anonymous said...

William Epps

See also Gen Smith Dorrien WW1

Something along these lines:

"I daily see greater acts of valour, in the trenches going unrecognised, than any act awarded a VC at Rorkes Drift"

Also the Welshman who ran away in woman's clothing and later applied for a pension for injuries caused by Zulus trampling him.

Colour Sgt Bourne gave BBC a true account of the battle in about 1936. Never been published.

But it seems that Army ex Light Infantry NCO Commissariat man (Dalton ?) organised the defence. And the only chance the Zulus had was night infiltration which they ruined by setting fire to the thatch.

The Zulus were also wary because the Irishman Rourke after whom the mission was named was something of a drinking buddy of the Zulu Chief. And the boss might not have liked a total destruction of the mission.

Then it seems that the 24th South Warwickshire Regt (It didn't become South Wales Borderers until a couple of years later) had the pressure taken off by a bunch of infantry who did take the Zulu on hand to hand without cover.

This seems to have never been written into the official history. But the men who threatened the Zulu retreat route were from Kent.


And you'll be hard put to find a record. The military records were too busy recommending VCs and covering up the Isandlwhana cock up.

Hope this was helpful.

Barry James said...

Oh dear conspiracy theories abound. I think in the 50's they called it "reds under every bed" now it's hammy's coven. whatever next!!

Anonymous said...

Struth Eppsy's on here now banging his military drum. At least he isn't bothering the councillors I suppose.

Explanations from Latchford on the Manston monitors is not unreasonable - he was at every KIACC meeting with Brian White as the TDC wallah.

William Epps said...

Am I to take it, 6:01 and 6:13, that any truce between us is off? It may surprise you to know, but I have never met John Hamilton let alone attended any coven to which you allege he belongs.

As for the Rourke's Drift story, I have read C/Sgt Bourne's account given in the Red Soldier and actually been to the site of the battle. The Missionary who was a drinking pal of the Zulu king was Wicks, not Rourke, whilst James Dalton of the Commissariat was awarded a VC and he was of officer, not NCO, status.

C/Sgt Bourne was also from Kent as you mention the part of The Buffs in the action.

John Hamilton - talking sense and cutting through bullshit said...

WOW, I have a "coven" now aswell!

It endlessly amuses me that my name appears on every post I make (except in a certain blog where the owner attempts to subvert my free speech}, yet I an apparently a Labour/Conservative/UKIP councilor, a Tesco's employee, a member of the secret service, a shill (for a variety of causes) not to mention a builder and/or investor that has a vested interest in Pleasurama/Arlington and Dreamland to name just a few of the laughably amusing accusations.

But the best part is, the allegations come mostly from faceless anon posters HAHAHAHAHA I couldn't make this shit up!

Anonymous said...

So are these two Ukippers going behind Rogers back and supporting what Mr Bailey is campaigning for?

Canterbury Times September 7th

"COUNTY councillors have pledged to do all they can to save Briary children's centre from closure.

Herne Bay's Ukip councillors Nick Bond and Brian MacDowall have launched a fightback against plans to shut the centre, next to Briary school in Greenhill, to save cash.

Richard Eastcliff said...

Yes, I saw that Canterbury Times article too.

A couple of thoughts on that, regarding the photo:

1. Nick Bond appears to have eaten a considerable number of pies.

2. The poor Briary Centre head teacher Ben Cooper doesn't look at all happy having to pose next to two raving Ukippers.

From the correspondence I have seen, it appears that Malcolm Bailey was raising the issue of KCC's proposed closure of the place two months before the yellow and purple brigade decided to, rather lethargically, jump on the bandwagon - and throw him off!

Schmoozyschlepp said...

If only there were a few more "socialist agitators" in local politics we might see some sensible policies, and some money spent on things which actually were useful and supportive. I don't really care about Roger L's military record - but I can see that he's continuing his usual campaign of hyperbolic disinformation (or is it just old fashioned ignorance?) about or against anyone or anything he disagrees with.

Anonymous said...

Latchford's letter was my 2nd fave in the Gazette - the best was the expand Manston/Manston whiners chap who then confirmed he was a former elderly baggage handler at Manston and quoted the cargo prices in shillings and pence.

These old farts are ruining Thanet and creating the jobs of yesteryear.

Anonymous said...

ECR you know that the question of where councillors live has come up before, Thanet Tories could not care less if one of there own lived in Timbuktu as long as they are able to get somebody to sign them in at meeting and collect. But I am surprised that UKIP councillors don't take the same line. Why should Cllr MacDowall doubt or care whether Labour's Mr Bailey lives in Thanet?
But wait a minute, his fellow Herne Bay Ukipper Cllr Bond does not live in Herne Bay. No not Panama but only ten miles away in Canterbury.

Anonymous said...

Oh John Hammy. You just dont get it do you. Stuck in the old world. Bless

Anonymous said...

Two cars in the park today by the kiosk and tyre marks over the grass.

Anonymous said...

I have only just discovered that William Epps is a local councillor! I wonder what the world would think if they knew he was supporting Thanets #1 Internet Troll/Hater? He seems good with history but sadly lacking with the zeitgeist of the public. Time to stand down Bill? I would suggest that you choose your 'friends' a little better.