Thursday, July 04, 2013

Ramsgate Wins Travel Accolade

Hurrah! And, indeed, yippee! The Millionaires' Playground has made it to the top Thanet slot on one of those internet travel sites!!!! I'm not too sure about the politics of it all, though. Still, any port in a storm, eh!?!?? (Geddit??!!!?!???!!!)
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Anonymous said...

UKIP website: "we drove down to the port and there was not a foreigner to be seen it was all I hoped for".

They're not racist though UKIP.

Definitely not.

Duncan Smithson said...

lolololololololz. v drole!

Richard Eastcliff said...

Well thank you, Mr S!

Peter Batt said...

If only it were true. The UKIPadvisor bit, not the foreigners.

Peter Checksfield said...

Unfortunately it's probably largely true, at least regarding people from outside Europe. My one big criticism of Thanet has always been that there's not enough black people!

Anonymous said...

Why on earth would you say something like that? It's a ridiculous thing to say. Would you apply the same ludicrous statement to people from Lithuania - "I don't think there are enough Lithuanians in Thanet."

Anonymous said...

well hello, it's Maggie's fault, they shut the mines

Anonymous said...

no, cos there's thousands of Lithuanians, dur

Anonymous said...

Has anyone actually heard of any polices from the UKIP lot as it's 2 months after the election?

Latchford will keep quiet on the Manston monitoring and fines.

Anonymous said...

UKIP, the official opposition at KCC Of which Roger is the leader were conspicuous by their absence from the Radio/TV broadcasts today regarding KCC's plan to shut a quarter of the Sure Start centres. It was down to Labour to take the oppositions role. I knew that a Lab/Lib coalition should have formed the opposition and not the blue UKIP.

Anonymous said...

UKIP barely know where their underpants are, let alone forming the opposition at KCC.

RossM said...

Peter, is that a serious comment or an attempt at trolling ?

Peter Checksfield said...

Serious. I was raised in a community where even in the 70s a third of the kids at my school were of West Indian origin and I also had a WI stepdad. So this is one of the very few things I miss about south London.

Richard Eastcliff said...

Speaking of which, has anyone tried that new WI restaurant in Margate? Irie, is it? And for the sake of disambiguation, given all the duffers round here, I'm using WI for 'West Indian', not 'Women's Institute'.

Anonymous said...

Glad the Gazette letters page mentioned Laura Sandys' achievements

Peter Checksfield said...

I haven't tried it yet, but a couple of friends have done and they say it's excellent (I might go there with my mum soon!).

Anonymous said...

I can tell you about a few UKIP policies. The un-employed should not be allowed to vote, buy alcohol or cigarettes.
NHS should be for British born tax payers so though I have lived, worked and paid national insurance in England for the last 23 years, I will not be entitled to Health care.
We should pull out of Europe..Hmm how do UKIP propose to replace the E.U. funding that Thanet receives every year?

Anonymous said...

The Sandys achievements made me laugh. And there's an RTC event tonight on Pleasurama which should also be funny - I like it when the doublehatters blame TDC and everyone shouts back "but that's you" like a panto. Except we're paying them twice to do nothing.

Does TDC get any EU funds now? Probably wasted.

Anonymous said...

Dangerous political party ?

The same party who wanted to lock people up on the basis of quack diagnoses "Before" they could commit a crime.

The same party who changed the rule of double jeopardy just to appease Doreen Lawrence.

The same party who wanted to erase Magna Carta.

The same party who wanted to erase habeus corpus and introduced secret trials with politically appointed judges.

The same party who paved the way to private armies. Whilst refusing to comply with an EU resolution to dismantle private armies.

There was new age Chief constable of Kent (See also smears of Liverpool supportersd re Hillsborough and campaign against John Stalker's inquiries into shoot to kill in Ulster) what did he have to say ?

"The idea of neighbourhood policing is pure Enid Blyton. What is required is police operational command units of a minimum 100 officers per unit" (ooooh shut that door and send in the legions Chiefie)

And the Chief's main disciple in "Intelligence targetting" yes Thanet Commander. "Make no mistake nowadays the Police are a FORCE of social control". Eagerly published in the Gazette by Obbengruppenfuhrer Mike Pearce.

And what was this Chiefie saying that Blunket soo like hearing ?

"Stop defrence lawyers being clever. treat hearsay and rumour "Intelligence" as if it is evidence. And sling in a persons previous stitch ups and occasional genuine convictions to sway the jury up front"

Regulars on the Thanet blog scene will recall that in 2003, not even a year after the brown nosing to Blunkett episode above, The International Arms Decommissioners in Ireland sought terms of referebnce clarification to deploy to Kent and investigate activity at 6th Thanet Gun Range and 25 years history of Kent Police firearms certificate issues.

In case Michael Child has succeeded in obscuring the relevance of this. The International Arms Decommissioners would have been investigating that fine public body Thanet District Council re chalk face retreats and planning enforcements and UK failure to comply with the terms of the Good Friday Agreement.

As that possibility loomed the new age copper Kent Chief constable suddenly quit without notice to take up a civilian job suddenly availed by ? David Blunkett.

The jurisdiction for the International Arms Decommissioners to deploy to Kent resided on The Unlawful Drilling Act 1819.

The Arms Decommissioners were told that activity in Kent was exempt the Good Friday Agreement because it was Crown authorized.

BUT a few years later Private Eye Eye in the Thanet Sky exposed that the Kent activity in fact had no Crown authority. Yippee. The Labour Govt had lied to the Arms Decommissioners.

Jack Straw as Justice secretary promptly repealed the Unlawful Drilling Act 1819. That's a new one. Repeal the law before you face charges under its terms.

And you think UKIP is dangerous ?