Tuesday, February 07, 2012

747s 24/7

Cripes! I see the new old duffers at Thanet Council have decided to drop any legal beagle mullarkey and hide behind the time-honoured 'public consultation' smokescreen when it comes to allowing knackered old cargo 747s to buzz our bonces all night long.

Not that I'm too bothered, as I rented the old cliff top mansion out to a bunch of local, er, horticulturists yonks ago. Still, I wouldn't want their plants to wilt under the stress of 500 decibels eight times a night.

So I urge you to get over to the No Night Flights website and take a squizz at the gory details. Or if that's too much of an effort, just email the council with 'I OBJECT TO NIGHT FLIGHTS' in the subject line. Do make sure you include your name, address and postcode in your missive, as the 'consultation' is weighted in favour of those who live directly under the flight path.

Right, I've done my bit. Now, where's Saskia with my G&T?